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Zanzibar is a wonderful island, with classic tropical beaches, an incredible history and a fascinating culture. View our packaged Zanzibar holidays on affordable price. Enjoy tailored travel arrangements, ferry/flight tickets, diving excursions, spice tours and more. We offer a wide variety of tours and excursions including sightseeing and activities in different touristic sites in Zanzibar.


There is no bad time to visit Zanzibar. If you’re dreaming of indulging in some water activities in the ocean, it’s better to stick to the drier months which coincide with the slightly higher summer temperatures.
Best Time to Visit Zanzibar: June – October
High Tourist Season: June – October
Low Season: March – May
All Seasons: June – October (spring), November – February (summer), March – May (monsoon)
The best time to visit Zanzibar is between June – October, during the warm and dry spring months.
Another good time to travel to Zanzibar is between December – February, when the November showers have ended, and the weather becomes warm and dry again.
The monsoon months in Zanzibar are between March – May, and it is not recommended to visit the islands during these months, as your tourist experiences will be limited.
There will be some showers during November as well, but not as heavy as during March – May.
July – August, and February – March are when to visit Zanzibar if you are interested in going for scuba diving, or other water sports.

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